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Experience a healing conversation
with your loved ones and guides in Spirit.

I have a gift for bringing through several family members in one session
- so you can get all the healing guidance you need
and know without a doubt they are with you.


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with your loved ones and guides in Spirit.

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Free Workshop: Signs from Your Soulmate in Heaven

3 Days to More Messages from Your Beloved in Heaven

Losing a loved one is so painful.

You’re left with a void in your life and heart that may feel impossible to heal.

I understand. I experienced this pain first-hand when I lost my beloved husband.

You'd give anything to have one more conversation, laugh and hug.

If it was a difficult relationship, you may want answers you weren't able to get while they were here. 

You don't have to struggle any longer.

I'm here to help you connect and get the guidance you need.

As a 3rd generation psychic medium, I serve as a bridge to the Spirit World - bringing through clear, detailed messages from your loved ones and guides on the Other Side. 

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I’m a 3rd generation psychic medium, healer and spiritual life coach who helps people like you connect with the Other Side, heal and fulfill your soul’s mission. I have a gift for bringing through several family members in a reading and special expertise in helping widows and widowers connect with their soulmate in spirit. I’ve felt spirit since I can remember and have honed my gifts since my 20s.

I’ll never forget the first time I “saw” a spirit. I was sitting at home in the living room when I looked up and there was my beloved aunt standing before me, wearing her usual jeans a T-Shirt. She gave me a knowing look and broke into a smile. It was just like our greetings had always been. Except, she had passed away years ago! I could also see a pink glow around her, which I later learned was an aura. I was stunned and elated. And ready to deepen this connection across the Psychic Bridge to the Other Side. 

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Connect with Spirit.

You don't have to struggle or feel separated from your loved ones. I want you to know that your loved ones and your guides in Spirit are just waiting to help you. 

Imagine what it will be like to finally get the guidance and validation you're seeking. 

Did you know studies show mediumship can be even more effective than therapy when it comes to healing grief?

Whereas traditional therapies typically focus on acceptance of separation, mediumship gives you evidence of ongoing connection AND helps you maintain that connection as you move forward.   

In addition to connecting with deceased loved ones, psychic mediumship can also help you:

  • Get clarity on your direction and purpose. 
  • Harness your power to create what you want. 
  • Release what is weighing you down and experience more calm. 
  • Break free of pain once and for all.
  • Turn negative situations into spiritual catalysts for growth. 
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"I was extremely impressed with your reading. Having had several readings previously, your reading was far superior in that you supplied information that could not have possibly been known. Thank you.” ~Carol

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I've had training from the top spiritual teachers in the world and been featured on Hay House Radio. 

Signs from Your Soulmate in Heaven - Free Workshop

Learn my special method for getting more messages from your beloved in Spirit. 

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